Any student or staff member who hopes to add a new club, activity or organization to the MHS Co-Curricular program should follow the steps listed below.

 STEP ONE:         Complete the Club Proposal Form (Link: to provide a comprehensive view of the goals of the proposed club.

 STEP TWO:       Complete the Club Petition, collecting at least 15 names of currently enrolled students who are interested in establishing this club.

 STEP THREE:   Submit the petition to Mr. Porowski and confirm that the Course Proposal Form has also been received.


After the completed forms have been submitted, the application goes through the following process:

 ▪      Review of the application by the administration.

▪      Meeting with potential advisor and/or students with the administration

▪      Written recommendation to the Superintendent of Schools for acceptance or rejection of the club as a school-recognized volunteer club.

▪      Review by the Board of Education’s Extracurricular Committee.

▪      Decision from the Superintendent and Committee regarding recommendation for the club at the Board of Education meeting.

▪      Board of Education approval.

▪      Once accepted, the club will be on ‘pilot’ status for two semesters to monitor the viability and sustainability of the club.


New Club Criteria

▪      Evidence of sufficient student interest (i.e. 15+ students);

▪      Congruence with Board Policies  and the District’s co-curricular programming;

▪      Availability of an appropriate adult advisor;

▪      Inclusiveness (i.e., the degree to which the club appeals to and includes all students); and,

▪      No significant duplication of purpose, goals, or activities of an existing school-sponsored club.

MHS Club Proposal Petition

Please click HERE to access the Club Proposal Petition.