Ms. Kate Lemerich, Supervisor

Mrs. Emily Caponigro

Mr. Richard Cundari

Mr. Bill Latta

Mr. Chad Murray

Mr. Sean Rappleyea

Mr. Tomasz Sobieniak

Ms. Adero Solomon

Mr. Jonathan Stevens

Ms. Jennifer Stranz

Mr. James Thomas

Mr. Michael Warnock


The Mathematics Department in Metuchen Public Schools aims to reach high standards by creating learning experiences that foster problem-solving, higher-order thinking, and collaboration in order to enable all students to adapt to an ever-changing society and prepare them for college and careers. Mathematics courses will offer students the opportunity to engage in instructional environments that foster mathematical discourse, encourage mathematical curiosity and confidence, use technology to support the acquisition of mathematical knowledge, and create deep understandings of mathematical ideas in a collaborative atmosphere.


Flow Chart

Math Curriculum Progression