Ms. Ashley Jaye, Supervisor

Mr. John Flynn

Ms. Stefeny Krombholz

Mr. Christopher McEwan

Mr. John Messenger

Band and Music Parents


Mission: The arts enable personal, intellectual, social, economic, and human growth by fostering creativity and providing opportunities for expression beyond the limits of language.


Education must nurture the whole child, and the arts are vital. The arts play an essential role in providing each student with a well-rounded education that meets the needs of the whole child. Children who learn through the arts and learn about the arts participate in an experience that is engaging and personal. Students take on an active role in learning by experiencing things directly and expressing themselves in multiple ways.

The Metuchen School District realizes the importance of the arts as a contributor to the intellectual, physical, and emotional well-being of children. The Metuchen Public Schools support the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for the Arts. The District has aligned its program to meet these standards by the development of appropriate content at all levels of instruction and by creating a learning environment that provides sufficient class time for each course throughout the school year for music instruction.