Mx. Louis Manziano, Supervisor

Ms. Alexa Baird

Mrs. Ann Burnett

Mrs. Aubree Deminski

Ms. Jessica Gesumaria

Mrs. Jacquelyn Jacobi

Ms. Lauren Kim

Mx. Ann Leghorn

Mr. Adam Levy

Ms. Amanda Shorr

Dr. Matt Sutin

Mrs. Eileen Wagenblast


The Language Arts are integrative, interactive ways of communicating that develop through reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing. They are the means through which one is able to receive information, think logically and creatively, express ideas, understand and participate meaningfully in spoken, written, and nonverbal communications, formulate and answer questions and search for, organize, evaluate, and apply information.


In Metuchen, our goal is the development of independent life-long readers and writers.

We recognize the importance of proficient communication skills as a requirement for life in the twenty-first century.

We also understand the value of integrating all the language arts. Through exposure to rich, authentic literary selections, students will develop reading strategies, critical, analytical, and creative thinking skills. Through a variety of writing activities and a spectrum of modes, students should see writing as an exciting journey of discovery where they may explore ideas, examine options, problem solve and share what they have created with others. Through the exploration of and response to good literature dealing with real world experiences, students will learn that reading and writing can help them affect and make sense of their world.

We will provide a supportive learning environment that fosters literacy and an appreciation for the written and spoken word through sharing and discussion. We will nurture the creative spirit in each student and encourage risk-taking. Through a variety of literary offerings and myriad writing experiences, students will be able to explore and appreciate their own society as well as perspectives of various other cultures.