Dual Credit Opportunities

What is dual credit?

Courses offered for dual credit stem from agreements between high schools, universities and community colleges whereby a high school student may enroll in a college course and simultaneously earn college credit and high school credit for the course.

What dual credit opportunities are available to MHS students?

Metuchen High School, in partnership with Middlesex County College is offering the following opportunities to eligible students.

OptionDual Credit OptionDescription
AMCC “On-Site” Dual Enrollment OptionSee link to forms and application belowApproved courses taken at MHS
  1. Psychology
  2. Sociology
  3. Honors Pre-Calculus
BMCC “On-Campus” Dual Credit OptionApproved courses taken at MCC

How many credits can I earn?

Three (3) college credits can be earned if the following criteria are met:

  • Middlesex County College Courses: Must earn a C or better in the dual credit course to earn high school credit

What colleges will accept these transfer credits?

Middlesex County College and Rowan University cannot guarantee the transfer of credits, although many colleges do accept credits from other institutions. The acceptance of credits is up to the receiving college and the decision is often made by a department chairperson. For information on which New Jersey colleges and universities may accept the Middlesex County College credits, go to www.njtransfer.org. For all other inquiries, contact the college directly.

Who is eligible to take a dual-credit course?

  • Must be a current junior or senior
  • Options A: No minimum GPA required, but student should be in good academic standing
  • Options B and C: Must be in good academic standing with a 2.6 GPA or better

How much does it cost?

Dual Credit OptionsCost
MCC “On-Site” Dual Credit Option$125 total (Fall 2019)
MCC “On-Campus” Dual Credit Option$108 per credit + fees