Get Involved!

Students are encouraged to make the most out of their time at Metuchen High School by getting involved in different clubs and organizations. By getting involved, students will learn more about themselves and their interests. If you have any questions, or you need more information about the offerings, please feel free to reach out to the advisor. (Their contact information is available on the Staff Contact Information page.)



Marching Band

John Messenger (Director), John Flynn (Assistant Director),

Jason Gomez (Percussion)

Color Guard

Dillon Fernandes (Director), Kaitlyn Flynn (Instructor)

Jazz Band (Competing)

John Messenger

Jazz Band (Non-Competing)

John Flynn

Indoor Percussion

Jason Gomez, John Messenger

Chamber Orchestra

Christopher McEwan

Blue Letter

Adam Levy

Bulldog's Bark

Emily Caponigro


Stefeny Stofa Krombholz


Stefeny Stofa Krombholz


Jacqueline Jacobi

Mock Trial

Kevin Smedley

Model Congress

Christopher Giddes

National Honor Society

Matthew Sutin

Student Council

Dawn Valovcin

Senior Class Advisor

Emily Caponigro

Junior Class Advisor

Dawn Valovcin

Sophomore Class Advisor

Jennifer Stranz

Freshman Class Advisor

Christina Dybas

Anime Club

Yoko Kato

Art Honor Society Club

Kelly Murphy

Outdoor Club

Anna Girin, Danielle Cermak

French Club

Anna Girin

Gender & Sexuality Alliance

Ann Leghorn

German Club

Susan Paredes

House Band

Adam Levy

Math Club

Jonathan Stevens

Peer Leadership

Laura Connolly

Science Club

Yoko Kato

Spanish Club

Karin Flores

Breaking the Chain

Evan Robbins

Bring Change to Mind

Nick Vosinas

Power of Friendship

Evan Robbins

RWJ Safety Ambassadors

Karin Flores, Sarah Karger, Danielle Cermak

Science National Honor Society

Ryan Clapp

World Language Honor Society

Karin Flores, Anna Girin, Susan Paredes

Math Honor Society

Richard Cundari


Kevin Smedley

Waksman Research

Samantha Green

African American

Ann Lezama

Asian Heritage

Yoko Kato


Bonnie Stanski

Dungeons & Dragons

Anais Ortega

Environmental Club

Yoko Kato


Anais Ortega

MHS Media & Pawdcast

John Cathcart, Brandon Uhrlig

Physics & Astronomy

Joe Keagle

Physics Team

Joe Keagle


Margo Banner

Tri-M Honor Society

John Flynn, Christopher McEwan

Ultimate Frisbee

Ryan Clapp


Beth Abbott


Nick Vosinas

American Sign Language

Alexa Baird


Jingjing Wang

Bake & Share

Bonnie Stanski

Bulldog Steppers

Christina Dybas

Chess Club

Emily Caponigro

Music Review/Analysis

Adam Levy

Operation Smile

Elizabeth DeMott

Peers for Volunteers

Anais Ortega

Taylor Swift Club

Mark Mooney

Creative Writing Club

Aubree Deminski

Crochet Club

Jennifer Stranz

Please note that other clubs/organizations may be included throughout the course of the school year. Interested in joining one of these clubs or organizations? Pay attention to the school announcements for additional information and updates!