As rising seniors, your scheduling meeting will also be your Jr. College Planning Conference!  Visit the Junior College Planning page for the forms and documents you'll need to be prepared with.


The course selection process for each school year begins in early February. Students are expected to give careful consideration to the courses chosen during the Course Selection Process. When a student selects a course, s/he is making a "reservation" which drives the creation of the Master Schedule. The Program of Studies was designed to assist students and parents with exploring options and planning a course of study. Please review this document prior to the Course Planning Conference.

MHS Program of Studies 2021-2022

Graduation Requirements


As part of the Scheduling process, you may be asked to complete a form to initiate a specific request. Here are the different forms you may need. All are fillable PDFs and can be emailed to your counselor upon completion. Be sure to have a conversation about your scheduling requests with your counselor before completing any form.

Schedule Change Request Form

Recommendation Waiver

Request to Advance in Course Placement

Request for Level Change (Once In Class)

VHS Enrollment Packet

VHS Course Catalog

Independent Study Application


School Counselors meet with each student individually to assist with planning an appropriately rigorous course of study. The meetings run approximately 15-20 minutes in length and parents are welcome to attend. Conference dates and times are scheduled by the student/parent in the following manner:


To schedule a conference with Mrs. Grauer go to Genesis>Conferences>Request a Conference


To schedule a conference with Mrs. DeMott go to Genesis>Conferences>Request a Conference


To schedule a conference with Mrs. Hanbridge, email her at and she will email the appointment information to you.

Counselors will discuss course offerings, teacher recommendations, graduation requirements and a student's individual interests and goals. Parents are required to approve the proposed schedule and are encouraged to telephone or participate in the conference in-person. The requests can be viewed in Genesis > Scheduling Tab.

All families are must read and electronically sign/acknowledge the document "Understanding the Scheduling Process". Students will not be scheduled without an acknowledged document on file. The document can be viewed in Genesis > Documents Tab.


All students are expected to keep an electronic version of their yearly and 4-year course plan in Naviance Family Connection. School counselors will work with students, and parents who attend the Course Planning Meeting, to review how to use the tool and update it annually. Naviance Student

It is essential that all students plan a high school educational program that best prepares them for higher education. To that end, we recommended that all students take the most rigorous coursework they are prepared to handle. Graduation requirements will provide a solid foundation, but students should always look to go above and beyond those requirements, taking additional academic course work to enhance preparedness.

Students should plan to take at least 5 academic courses each year in the core content areas (language arts, science, mathematics, social studies and world language). College admission counselors will expect a student’s high school records to show academic rigor, quality of academic performance and participation in extra-curricular activities and community service.

Whether preparing for college or career training, all high school students are encouraged to take rigorous coursework. A strong academic foundation is critical in order for any individual to be competitive in college or the workplace.