Low-Cost, High Quality Test Prep for MHS Students

(Fri Nov 13, 2015)Metuchen High School encourages students to sign up for STAFFS Prep SAT prep courses. Click on "more" for additional information.

Find the current class schedule and registration information here: http://www.staffsprep.com/register.php#RegisterNow


  • Small class sizes (no more than 12 students)

  • Classes open to MHS students only

  • Convenient location and time: in the evening at Metuchen High

  • 18 hours of test prep plus a full-length mock exam

  • 1-year subscription to STAFFS Prep softwarepractice content at your own pace

    • Video lessons for every question

    • Adaptive technology learns and analyzes your abilities to help maximize your strengths and identify your weaknessesScore guarantee (visit their site for more details)

  • A new class will run a few weeks prior to each test day throughout the school year.

  • For more information

    • www.staffsprep.com

    • 201-301-TEST