Campbell's PickUp Patrol

This year we will be using PickUp Patrol to help track dismissals and perform daily health screenings. Use of the system, as well as login information, is provided below. 

Parent Login:

Add PickUp Patrol to your home screen: How to add PickUp Patrol App to your phone


AT-HOME SCREENING:  Parents will need to submit a health screening for each student through the PickUp Patrol app BEFORE leaving for school each day.

You will be asked a few health risk-related questions. Based on your answers, your student will either receive a response to proceed to school or to follow the provided instructions. Your responses will be monitored by authorized school administrators.

Please complete the screening each day by 7:45AM.

 REMINDER: You will receive a reminder if you forget to submit your student’s health screening. As un-submitted screenings will require follow-up and the possible detainment of your child, we also suggest you set up your own reminder. 


ALL dismissal plan changes, late arrivals, early dismissals and absences should be now entered in PickUp Patrol. Do not send notes, emails or call the school except in emergencies.


1. Accounts are currently activated. 

Parents who already have a PUP account: If you used PUP at the elementary school and still have the same email address, your old account will be reinstated. You do not need to re-register. You can re-add the PUP app to your phone by following the instructions HERE.

 If you need to reset your password you can do so from here:

Parents new to PUP and those with new email addresses: You’ll receive a registration email with information on how to get signed up.

2.   Set up Default Plans: Once logged in, let us know how your child will be getting home from school by setting up their Default Plan.


If you have any questions, please contact us here in the office at or PickUp Patrol at