Moss School houses a special need pre-school and a kindergarten program. Because of the unique class structure at Moss School the staff is able to provide a safe environment where academic achievement and a cheerful atmosphere open the door to a successful school career. There are six half-day sessions of kindergarten accommodating 130 children at Moss School. The early childhood program promotes developmentally appropriate expectations to enhance the potential of each child. A high quality, stimulating literary program is used by teachers to provide students with a balanced curriculum. Phonics and other decoding skills needed to develop reading fluency are an integral part of the language arts program. The kindergarten teachers use big books, selected fiction and non-fiction to complement the instruction. Science, mathematics and social studies are integrated as part of the thematic approach to reading. The students are also exposed to Spanish, technology, and health and safety instruction. There are computers in all classrooms. Students use the computers to review and enhance learning while teachers use computers to design and develop class projects and to assist with special needs students. Students attend weekly sessions in a computer lab where they use software that offers differentiated drills. Special subject teachers provide art, music, library, and physical education. Programs available for kindergarten children with special needs include speech therapy, ESL and in-class support

Moss School currently has three sessions of the Metuchen Intervention Pre-School Program (MIPP). This program is for children between the ages of 3 and 5 who have been identified as having specific needs which can be corrected or lessened when addressed at an early age. A half-day Early Learning Center is offered to children who have moved up to kindergarten from the MIPP program and need additional help in basic skills. If needed, students in MIPP and the Early Learning Center are provided with speech therapy and occupational and physical therapy.

The Intervention & Referral Service (I&RS) is a regular education committee that encourages teachers to identify children who may be at-risk for learning disabilities, as well as higher learners. The committee consists of the building principal, the learning consultant, regular education teachers and other specialists who work with the child.

The Metuchen community is involved in Moss School. The PTO plans a variety of assemblies which enrich our curriculum and their financial support enables us to purchase additional supplies and resources for the classrooms. The Metuchen fire and police departments are regular visitors to the school.

The staff at Moss School is sensitive to the needs, concerns and safety of our students and their families. We strive to give our young students a nurturing environment and “a great place to grow”.