World Language Vision Statement

The study of another language and culture enables individuals, whether functioning as citizens or workers, to communicate face-to-face and by virtual means in appropriate ways with people from diverse cultures.

-New Jersey State Department of Education, 2014

All Metuchen students will be given the opportunity to achieve a high level of proficiency in a world language of their choice and to be able to successfully converse in that language (other than English) by completion of their high school program.

It is our vision to prepare Metuchen students for authentic language use in the real world. Through our lessons and class discussions students will be encouraged to participate in a positive, enriching and understanding manner within their respective multicultural communities.

The Metuchen School District realizes the importance of our students' possessing bilingual skills in the United States and the 21st century. We recognize the need for them to be prepared for involvement in the economic, political, and social life of various cultural/ethnic groups.