Not all clubs will be allowed to run this year. If you have any questions or need more information about any of these activities, feel free to contact the advisor. Here is a listing of staff email addresses.

Club Name Advisor
Band John Messenger
Assistant Band John Flynn
Band Front TBD
Blue Letter Adam Levy
Bulldog’s Bark Michael Mazza
Bulldog’s Bark & Blue Letter Business Lynda Wisniewski
Cheerleaders Sara Yocum
Chorus Stefeny Stofa Krombholz
Dramatics (Spring) Stefeny Stofa Krombholz
Assistant Dramatics (Fall) Jane Harmon
Mock Trial Alexa Baird/Evan Robbins
Model Congress Christopher Giddes
National Honor Society Danielle Cermak/Lauren Volosin
Safety Ambassadors Karin Flores/Sarah Karger/Danielle Cermak
Student Council Eileen Wagenblast
Senior Class Advisor Ann Lezama
Junior Class Advisor Eileen Wagenblast
Sophomore Class Advisor Daniel Scanlon
Freshman Class Advisor Alexa Baird
Anime Club Yoko Kato
Art Club/Art Honor Society Kelly Murphy
Asian Heritage Yoko Kato
Breaking The Chain Evan Robbins
Chess Club Frank Ruggiero
Cooking Club Bonnie Stanski—Not running this year
Economics Club Karen Van de Castle-Not running this year
Empowerment Club Lauren Volosin (Spring)
Entrepreneurship Club Karen Van de Castle-Not running this year
Evening Choral Club Stefeny Stofa Krombholz
Film Making Club Ann Lezama
Footlighters Jane Harmon/Stefeny Stofa Krombholz
French Club/Honor Society Anna Girin
Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) TBD
German Club Susan Paredes
Geo Club Anna Girin
Glee Club Stefeny Krombholz
Guitar Club Christopher McEwan
Houseband Adam Levy
Investment Club Karen Van de Castle - Not running this year
Italian Club Susan Paredes
Math Team/Computer Science Jonathan Stevens
Media Club* Brandon Uhrlig
Metuchen Bulldog Pawdcast Lynda Wisniewski
MHS Sustainability Initiative Yoko Kato/Susan Paredes
Orchestra Christopher McEwan
Origami Yoko Kato-Not running this year
Outdoor Wellness Anna Girin/Danielle Cermak
Peer Leadership Club Laura Connolly
Physics/Astronomy Joseph Keagle
Power of Friendship Evan Robbins
Robotics Club Ken Eagel (In Association with Metuchen Rec. Comm)
Science Team/Environmental Club Yoko Kato– Science League is not running
Science Honor Society Ryan Clapp
Spanish Club/Honor Society Karin Flores
Stickball Club Ken Eagel
Strategy Games TBD-not running this year
Student Outreach Club Sarah Karger
Tri-M Honor Society John Flynn/Christopher McEwan
Ultimate Frisbee Club Ryan Clapp—Not running this year
Unified Club Valerie Gazda
Vegan Club Nicholas Vosinas
Waksman Research TBD—Not running this year
Woodworking Ken Eagel
Writing Club & Literary Magazine Katie Tencza


Asian Heritage Club Website

*Not an official MHS Club

Updated: 021721 Please note due to COVID-19, this listing is subject to change