Dress Code

Edgar Middle School Guidelines for Student Dress

A. General Rules

1. Pupils are expected to be clean and well-groomed in their appearance.

2. Clothing that is overly soiled, torn, worn or defaced is prohibited. 

3. Pupils are expected to avoid extremes in appearance that are so disruptive or distracting that the reaction of other pupils is beyond normal control. 

4. Dress or grooming that jeopardizes the health or safety of the pupil or of other pupils or is injurious to school property will not be tolerated.

B. Inappropriate Messages on Clothing 

No article of clothing should have messages that contain:

1. Obscenities or vulgarities in word or picture.

2. Drug, alcohol, tobacco, or violence references. 

3. Harassing or biased words or pictures related to race, religion, gender, national origin, or sexual orientation.

C. Appropriateness of Attire 

The following garments and articles are prohibited in school and at school–sponsored events: 

1. Pants that cannot stay up under their own power or sag in a way that affects normal walking are not permitted. 

2. Undergarments should not be visible (boxer shorts, underwear, bras). 

3. Underwear should not be worn as outerwear (tank top t-shirts, camisoles, bras, etc). 

4. Tank top athletic jerseys (or any top with large underarm openings) can only be worn over a T-shirt.

5. Midriffs (abdomens, lower backs) should not be visible. 

6. Extremely tight fitting or low cut clothing is not permissible. Cleavage should not be visible. 

7. Tube tops, halter tops, and single-strap tops are not permitted. Spaghetti strap tops can only be worn with another shirt over them. 

8. Shirts that are sheer and/or expose the torso (without another shirt worn under them) are not to be worn. 

9. Shorts and skirts for both male and female students should not be excessively short. (Rule of Thumb: with arms at side, short/skirt length should be at fingertips/or minimum of 4 “ inseam)

D. Additional Requirements 

1. Footwear must be worn at all times. Bare feet, cleated shoes, and unsafe footwear are not allowed. 

2. Students may not wear hats, hoods or sunglasses on their heads in the building.

3. Pajamas and/or slippers are not to be worn in school.

4. Pin curlers and other hair curling aids are prohibited. 

5. Pupils who publicly represent the school or a school organization at an activity away from the school district are required to dress in full accordance with the reasonable expectations of the staff member in charge of the activity. Pupils unwilling to comply with this requirement will disqualify themselves from participation. 

6. Pupils will not be permitted to attend school-related functions such as a field trip or afterschool activity unless they are attired and groomed in accordance with this dress code. 

7. The Principal may waive application of the dress code on a day especially scheduled for pupil’s free expression in dress and grooming. 

8. A pupil whose dress or grooming has been found by the Principal to violate this regulation may appeal the Principal's determination to the Superintendent, whose decision will be final. 

E. Procedures for Addressing Dress Code Violations 

1. The teaching staff will address dress code violations discreetly with individual students.

2. The teacher will cite the dress guidelines that are in violation. 

3. The student will be allowed to change clothes if clothing is available. 

4. If a student is not able or not willing to change clothes the student will be referred to the office. 

5. The student will not be permitted to return to class until the violation is corrected. 

6. If the student in some way “undoes” the modification or remedy, he or she will be cited as insubordinate and will receive administrative consequences. 

7. In the event of repeated, ongoing offenses of the guidelines, parents will be contacted and a conference will be scheduled with the Assistant Principal.