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  • Dress Code

    (Tue Aug 17, 2004)

    Metuchen High School Guidelines for Student Dress*

    Goal of Guidelines: to reinforce a tone of serious academic pursuit without constricting comfort or individual expression and allowing for attire that is safe, appropriate and conducive to learning. 


    In an effective education program there are many components including strong teachers and diligent students. The tone and environment of the school are equally important. Therefore, to help our students maintain a focus on academics the following guidelines have been developed:

    Inappropriate Messages on Clothing

    No article of clothing should have messages that contain:

    • obscenities or vulgarities in word or picture.
    • Drug, alcohol or violence references.
    • Harassing or biased words or pictures related to race, religion, gender, national origin, or sexual orientation.

    Appropriateness of Attire

    Clothing will be considered appropriate based on the following:



    • Pants that cannot stay up under their own power or sag in a way that affects normal walking are not allowed.
    • Undergarments should not be visible (boxer shorts).
    • Underwear should not be worn as outerwear (tank top t-shirts).
    • Tank top athletic jerseys (or any top with large underarm openings) can only be worn over a t-shirt.
    • Headbands and sweatbands may only be worn during physical education classes.


    • Undergarments should not be visible (bras, underwear)
    • Underwear should not be worn as outerwear (tank top t-shirts, camisoles, bras, etc.).
    • Tank top athletic jerseys can only be worn over a t-shirt
    • Midriffs (abdomens or lower backs) should not be visible.
    • Cleavage should not be visible.
    • Tube tops, halter tops, and single-strap tops are not permitted.
    • Spaghetti strap tops can only be worn with another shirt over them.
    • Shirts that are sheer and/or expose the torso (without another shirt worn under them) are not to be worn.
    • Shorts should not be excessively short (The inseam should be a length of at least four inches.)   
    • Skirts should come down to at least the mid-thigh.

    Additional Requirements

    • Footwear must be worn at all times.
    • Students may not wear hoods or sunglasses on their heads in the building.
    • Although hats may be worn in school, they must be removed upon teacher request and during tests/exams. No other head covering may be worn unless it is in observance of religious practices. 
    • Pajamas and/or slippers are not to be worn in school.

    Procedures for Addressing Dress Code Violations

    1. The student will be discreetly referred to the office as soon as possible.  
    2. The administrator will cite the dress guidelines that is in violation.
    3. The student will be allowed to change clothes if clothing is available.
    4.  The student will not be permitted to return to class until the violation is corrected.
    5. If the student in some way “undoes” the modification or remedy, he or she will be cited as insubordinate and will receive administrative consequences.
    6. The parent/guardian will be contacted.
    7. In the event of repeated, ongoing offenses of the guidelines, parents will be called in to conference with the vice principal.

    * Guidelines drafted in June of 2004 by The Metuchen Dress Code Committee, a group consisting of teachers, parents, a school administrator and a member of the Metuchen Board of Education.