Metuchen Community Asset Map

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As part of the Sustainable Jersey Schools initiative, and under the direction of Mrs. Volosin, the School Community Asset Mapping committee for Metuchen High School has created an inventory of cultural, economic, and physical resources within the Metuchen community. The committee consisted of volunteers in grades eleven and twelve from the high school’s chapter of the National Honor Society. Volunteers organized into three teams and conducted web-based research to identify and document various institutions and organizations that serve the community. One team was tasked with identifying and researching physical structures for their recreational, practical, and historical value to the town of Metuchen. These structures include places of worship, schools, healthcare centers, transit stations, and historical sites. Another team was responsible for compiling information regarding cultural, economic, and social services. These include faith-based organizations, social services organizations, and businesses. Both teams’ research was then consolidated into a single inventory. The third and final student team worked on brainstorming possible web-based software options to present the map. These options were presented to appropriate members of the school administration, and with their approval the web-based software was chosen. The Metuchen Asset Map will serve as an educational tool for members of the school community by providing a consolidated source of information regarding the multitude of physical and cultural resources that contribute to the local community. Administrators, faculty, students, and their families will be able to use the Asset Map to recognize the institutions, organizations, and programs that contribute to the rich cultural identity of Metuchen. In addition, by having such a collective inventory, the community will gain a greater understanding of the resources that are supporting the physical environment, cultural landscape, and economy of Metuchen.