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  • Classes of 1990 - 1999

    Class of First Name Last Name in High School Current Last Name E-Mail Address Location Occupation
    1990 John Barham Barham monkeyman [at] mindspring.com    
    1990 Thomas Beardsley Beardsley BeardsleyT590 [at] aol.com    
    1990 Daniel Cotton Cotton danielcotton [at] hotmail.com    
    1990 Chadwick Davis Davis WarriorFC33 [at] yahoo.com   US Army Officer 
    1990 Shannon Dick Dick Jerkygirl07 [at] aol.com Pentagon, Washington, D.C.    
    1990 Kathy Elliott Elliott-Hering kleeee [at] verizon.net   Civil Engineer
    1990 Michael Idell Idell ISE2000 [at] usa.com Wall, NJ  
    1990 Brian idell Idell bidell72 [at] mail.com    
    1990 Denise Ihrig Ihrig-Hernandez dihrig [at] hotmail.com    
    1990 Pete Kaminskas Kaminskas pkaminsk [at] rhsmith.umd.edu    
    1990 tyshon kelton kelton TYKNJ [at] aol.com    
    1990 Katie Lavin Lavin katie.lavin [at] dowjones.com    
    1990 Denise Leonard Traut theking [at] nac.net    
    1990 Anne Lo Woo anlo87 [at] yahoo.com    
    1990 Kym Molyneaux Molyneaux Chamber9297 [at] aol.com    
    1990 Rosario Muldowney Muldowney RMuldowney [at] aol.com   Packaging Engineer
    1990 Patricia Panzarella Mata TrishMata72 [at] hotmail.com Edison NJ  
    1990 Dawn Parsons Boyes boyes [at] warwick.net   Food Service Director; My husband ean and I live in the Catskill Mountains of NY with our 4 children. We own a remoldling company, a lumber/rental store, and spend our springs tapping trees to make maple syrup and maple products of which we are also equipment dealers for year round. I have never left the culinary field after being introduced by Ms. McGhee at MHS. I still try to stay in contact with many of my friends from school~even though the distance is great.
    1990 Peter Szwarc Szwarc peter.szwarc [at] usa.net Neversink NY  
    1990 Michelle Terracciano Cascarelli MCascarelli [at] aol.com    
    1990 monique thompson thompson stephenandmyles1 [at] yahoo.com   consultant
    1991 Stephanie Blackshear Andrews niasia4 [at] aol.com somerset nj  
    1991 Stephanie Blackshear Andrews niasia5 [at] aol.com    
    1991 Dani Cochran Mendez DMendez73 [at] aol.com    
    1991 Fabio Cologna Cologna fabvideo [at] aol.com    
    1991 Christopher Elkin Elkin celkin1 [at] juno.com    
    1991 Sandra Hecht Hecht opiate [at] i-2000.com    
    1991 Louise Kendziora Gillis louisegillis [at] yahoo.com   Computer Consultant; Chemical Engineering degree from Rutgers. Lived in NYC since 2000. Working for Omnicom Advertising.
    1991 Melinda (Mindy) Levinson Zalma mindelu[at]yahoo.com Perth Amboy Rabbi
    1991 Howard Mergler Mergler howard.mergler [at] themerg.net New York NY  
    1991 Tina Sangiovanni Cooke babigrl595 [at] hotmail.com  Northern Virginia HRCoordinator
    1991 Michael Semple Semple fyrsgruven[at]aol.com Perth Amboy, NJ Paramedic / EMS Director
    1991 Flamm Sheryl Sheryl jiterbuging [at] aol.com Metuchen  
    1991 Amy Stange Stange tecrec041 [at] aol.com    
    1991 Erik Wawrzyniak Wawrzyniak coywolf [at] earthlink.net    
    1991 Tara Wood Wood freedome99 [at] aol.com    
    1992 Amy Aidelbaum Aidelbaum AmyAdel [at] intac.com    
    1992 Emma Bascom Bascom etbascom [at] aol.com    
    1992 William Bendrot Bendrot mobiusb [at] mobiusb.com    
    1992 Molly Churton Churton mchurton [at] hms.harvard.edu    
    1992 Molly Churton Churton molly [at] cogentpr.com   Public Relations Exective
    1992 Stacy Coughlin Heffner slheffner [at] optonline.net East Bridgewater MA  
    1992 Jamie De Mary Grady jamieanne74 [at] yahoo.com NJ  
    1992 Michele Ihrig Salvia mlsalvia [at] msn.com   NJ
    1992 KIM LAVIN LAVIN Kimberly_Lavin [at] msdw.com Brick  
    1992 Elizabeth Lynch Lynch mayfield8 [at] hotmail.com    
    1992 Karen MacIver Mielcarek chi_hope1 [at] hotmail.com    
    1992 Tina Orlando McKeon titaliana [at] aol.com    "Though it was many years in the making I have fulfilled my dream as a writer. My first book is entitled Scattered Images: A Woman's Poetic Tales. If anyone wishes to obtain a copy, they can email me and I will direct them. I hope this is the first of many books."
    1992 Stephanie Price Price sprice21 [at] aol.com    
    1992 Christine Radice Radice christine.radice [at] gmail.com    
    1992 Rebecca Ruttiger Ruttiger coloradowhitewater [at] hotmail.com  Milton, WI  
    1992 Andrew Ryder Ryder ryder [at] aya.yale.edu Breckenridge, Colorado  
    1992 Geri Sahn Girard ggirard [at] brookdalecc.edu   teacher/freelance writer
    1992 Slone Stambaugh Mathieu dear_slone [at] yahoo.com Tinton Falls  
    1992 Anthony Toth Toth crash88toy [at] aol.com    
    1992 Kara Totin Lashley karalashley [at] hotmail.com    
    1992 Sharon Unterman Counts sharonb8[at]yahoo.com Brooklyn, NY Theater Teacher
    1992 Constance Thornall Hope conniehope[at]comcast.net Fort Myers, FL I am the chairperson for the class of 1965. We are planniing our 50th Class Reunion in Sept 18-19-20, 2015. We are hoping to include the class of 1964 and 1966. Please contact me at conniehope@comcast.net and check out our web site at www.metuchen65.com
    1993 Farhan Anwar Qureshi far83[at]hotmail.com   AM PMO
    1993 Sean Casey Casey pelecasey [at] aol.com Lahore, Pakistan  
    1993 Lisa Hornick Garris lgarris [at] comcast.net    
    1993 Stacey Kelley Schweiger staceyschweiger [at] yahoo.com Georgia  
    1993 Roger Kubiak Kubiak Kubiaks3 [at] aol.com    
    1993 Mark Oetgen Oetgen moetjen1 [at] progressive.com    
    1993 Maureen Prytula Prytula mprytula [at] yahoo.com Las Vegas, Nevada  
    1993 Farhan Qureshi Qureshi far83[at]hotmail.com   student
    1993 Nick VanZandt VanZandt nicnjen [at] cs.com Australia  
    1993 Catherine Bonica Overbeck sjoverbeck[at]msn.com Vernon Hills, IL Substitute Teacher/Stay at home Mom
    1994 Diane Bolton Bolton dbolton [at] niaid.nih.gov   Grad student
    1994 Anthony Champa Champa ycpgreazy [at] aol.com Washington DC B.A. from York College of Pennsylvania 1998.  Married to Heidi Landis of Telford PA 8/14/99.  Work at MBNA America Bank 99-Pres Baltimore MD
    1994 Sandeep Chellani Chellani sandeep [at] mtvmail.com Loan Officer  
    1994 Karin Coss Walsh karinc [at] erols.com   teacher; After spending 4 years doing marketing for a winery I moved back to NJ and am getting a great dose of high school reality as a teacher. I teach Gourmet Foods and Living On Your Own and it really is a lot of fun. I'm planning our 10 year reunion so send me any info you have.
    1994 Daro Daro Jennifer jennifer [at] daroconsulting.com Manalapan NJ  
    1994 Rebecca James Michalski Beckiii [at] aol.com   Taught high school Engish for 9 years both in NJ and FL. Married Nov 2006. Recently opened an up and coming custom jewelry business called Nanuk's Igloo. Moving back to NJ in June 2007. Check out the latest items at Nanuk's Igloo. http://www.nanuksigloo.com
    1994 Aaron Kapner Kapner Kapner [at] texas.net Naples, FL Administrative Assistant; Did Theater at Metuchen High. Performed in Damn Yankees, The Valiant & Bye Bye Birdie playing Hugo F. Peabody senior year 1994. Graduated college with Bachelor of Arts studying theater, looking to get into graduate school now to get further training so as to pursue acting as a career.
    1994 Anne Mergler Powell annemergler[at]hotmail.com NJ  
    1994 Irene Muldowney Muldowney im5 [at] njit.edu Burlington County, NJ. Stay at home mommy, married Matt Powell on 10-19-03, little girl born 9-1-04 Student; I am completing my B.S. for Environmental Science after a seven year break. I should be done soon-ish. Looking forward to seeing everybody at the shindig!
    1994 Eddie Sia Sia crazyeddie [at] nyc.com Edison NJ  
    1994 Michael Tur Tur mtur [at] carlton-bates.com    
    1995 Joy Bashew Bashew jbashew [at] alum.wellesley.edu    
    1995 Jeremy Benson Benson jeremypbens [at] aol.com Venice CA  
    1995 Melissa Bingham Bingham hamlamb77 [at] hotmail.com    
    1995 Jessica Briddle Briddle JDB51 [at] excite.com    
    1995 Jessica Briddle Briddle dncjessica [at] hotmail.com   Consultant
    1995 Yogita Chellani Chellani Yogi1808 [at] aol.com Washington DC  
    1995 Lana Cohen Cohen lcohen [at] bestselections.com    
    1995 Lana Cohen Cohen lanalily [at] yahoo.com    
    1995 Heather Cooper Cooper hlcooper [at] hotmail.com Brooklyn NY  
    1995 Mihir Desai Desai hofgarten [at] yahoo.com    
    1995 Angelo Donato Donato D1655 [at] aol.com   Middlesex County Sheriff Dept.; i have 4 AOL names D1655 [at] aol.com Badge55aux [at] aol.com mapd55 [at] aol.com chevycaprice89 [at] aol.com try me at anyone of these
    1995 Kathryn Dooley Dooley kdooley [at] medicusny.com Edison NJ  
    1995 Jessica Edge Edge jessedge [at] onebox.com    
    1995 Erica Fenton Fenton erfenton [at] yahoo.com    
    1995 Ali Hatola Hatola alijh33 [at] yahoo.com    
    1995 Marta Johnson Johnson MartaLinn [at] aol.com    
    1995 Marta Johnson Johnson martalinn [at] hotmail.com   Architect
    1995 Evan Lorch Lorch evan.m.lorch [at] us.pwcglobal.com Washington DC  
    1995 Jason Newmark Newmark jnewmark [at] comcast.net    
    1995 Greg Price Price wkndtoy [at] aol.com    
    1995 Willy Ruhukay Ruhukay willyruhukay77[at]yahoo.com   ship's fuel supplier
    1995 Chuck Schneekloth Schneekloth chuckschneekloth [at] hotmail.com Indonesia  English teacher & track coach
    1995 Cary Sheehan Sheehan carylynnn [at] yahoo.com  Oakland, CA  
    1995 Debbie Silber Silber wollyr [at] aol.com    
    1995 Darian Smith Smith darian4 [at] prodigy.net    
    1995 Alison Soto Soto asoto27 [at] hotmail.com    
    1995 Matthew Stein Stein mstein95 [at] aol.com    
    1995 robert strauss strauss robertstrauss [at] hotmail.com    
    1996 Jennifer Hacker Hacker TUJen131 [at] aol.com    
    1996 Tracy Norwood Norwood sc208r [at] aol.com    
    1996 Maria Tessa Sciarrino Sciarrino maria.t [at] mindspring.com, maria [at] plainparade.org   Talent Manager; Graduated from the University of the Arts (Philadelphia PA) in 2001 - BFA in Photography.Currently working as a booking agent for independent event promotions company in Philadelphia (http://www.plainparade.org/. In my free time I host a music show on WPRB (103.3FM - Princeton NJ).
    1996 Michael Sucena Sucena msucena [at] hotmail.com Philadelphia PA  
    1997 Theresa Brown Brown tmbrown [at] uschamber.com   Work for the US Chamber of Commerce working in politics, graduated from Kutztown University in 2001 with a BA in Political Science and Speech Communication.
    1997 Andrea Coughlin Coughlin winkie123 [at] webtv.net Washington, DC  
    1997 Theresa DeGuzman DeGuzman theresa.deguzman [at] gmail.com   Working in Finance & Information Systems at the Diocese of Metuchen
    1997 Michael Gurzo Gurzo gurzo [at] cornell.edu Piscataway, NJ  
    1997 Kimberly mandras mandras kmandras [at] edsaplan.com   Landscape Architect/Urban Planner
    1997 Amanda Patikowski Patikowski daughter259 [at] aol.com Fort Lauderdale FL Own Dance Studio in Piscataway
    1997 Cesar Perez Perez cesar [at] cesarpc.com Fords, NJ Student/Military Police Investigator
    1997 Kiera Regan Regan StarEssence5678 [at] aol.com Metuchen NJ Dance Studio Owner
    1998 Tara Bing  Bing  tbing314 [at] yahoo.com    
    1998 Michael Brevet Brevet kix02 [at] hotmail.com    
    1998 Robert Dunie Dunie robdunie [at] alum.rpi.edu   Business Consultant
    1998 Christina Gerak Gerak Cyk0angel [at] hotmail.com Albany NY  
    1998 Christina Gerak Gerak Cyk0angel [at] aol.com    
    1998 Francis Hwang Hwang ejej909 [at] hotmail.com    
    1998 Melody Nokes Nokes babigrld07 [at] aol.com    
    1998 Carolina Rivera Rivera peck419 [at] aol.com    
    1998 Lori-Ann Sciachitano Sciachitano Buttercup890 [at] aol.com    
    1998 Darryl Spence Spence Spence5898 [at] aol.com    
    1998 Carey Stevens Palmer xoglcarebearox[at]aol.com   Office Manager
    1998 Ryan Toth Toth RTBlueyez [at] aol.com Brick  
    1998 Jill (Jillian) Winhold Winhold Beans619 [at] aol.com    
    1998 Barbra Young Abrao Jetsgir143 [at] yahoo.com    
    1998 Barbra Young Abrao babrao [at] telcordia.com    
    1998 Nick Zaneto Zaneto nzrazor [at] aol.com    
    1998 Alyssa Monastersky Monastersky alyssa.monastersky[at]verizon.net West Belmar, NJ Guidance Counselor
    1999 Nenny Agustina Agustina agustina08 [at] msn.com    
    1999 Michael Beattie Beattie mbt [at] iname.com    
    1999 Steve Deppe Deppe sdeppe [at] bu.edu    
    1999 Amanda Donato Donato Bratiee21 [at] Aol.Com    
    1999 Elizabeth Dyas Dyas eed121 [at] hotmail.com    
    1999 Rose Guglielmelli Guglielmelli Mierp888 [at] aol.com    
    1999 D. J. Kim Kim dongjkim [at] eden.rutgers.edu    
    1999 Jake Maliel Maliel jmaliel [at] bu.edu    
    1999 Justin Manatch Manatch manatj [at] rpi.edu    
    1999 Kelly Nann Nann knblond [at] hotmail.com    
    1999 tim palumbo palumbo timdan11 [at] aol.com    
    1999 Nadia Quraishi Quraishi ledpoizon7 [at] aol.com    
    1999 Megan Romeo Romeo RoscoMeg19 [at] aol.com    
    1999 Laura Teeple Teeple smiley0230 [at] aol.com    
    1999 David Tranotti Tranotti SWGunner [at] aol.com    
    1999 Karen Zilg Zilg kzilg [at] hotmail.com   student