Title I Information 2019-20
Title I Parent Involvement Meeting Presentation 9 25 18 (pdf)
Title I Right to Know Regarding Highly Qualified Teachers ltr (pdf)
ESL Participation Letter & Waiver Form (pdf)
Policy 2423 Bilingual and ESL Education (pdf)
Policy 2415-04 Parental Involvement (pdf)
Policy 2415 No Child Left behind (pdf)
Campbell Student Success Compact (pdf)
Edgar Middle School-Parent Compact (pdf)

ESSA (Formerly NCLB Act) Information
On this webpage parents will find documentation regarding the district's ESSA (formerly No Child Left Behind Grant) for Title I and Title III. Title I provides additional instructional services and after-school activities that support students who are academically at-risk. Title III provides instructional material for services to English Language Learners (ELL).