Child Find

The Metuchen Public School system is seeking to locate, identify, and evaluate all children,
ages three through twenty-one, who reside within the Metuchen School District or attend
nonpublic schools within the school district and who may be disabled.

Project Child Find was established by the New Jersey State Department of Education as a
free public awareness and referral service to assist parents and professionals by identifying
available early intervention programs and services for infants and toddlers through two
years of age, and free, appropriate public education programs and services for pupils who
are disabled three through twenty one years of age. Parents or other appropriate persons
may refer children who are experiencing significant difficulties.

BABIES FROM BIRTH TO AGE 3 who are thought to have developmental delays may
receive assistance from the Early Intervention Program. To access these services, parents
should contact the New Jersey Early Intervention System (NJEIS) at 1-888-653-4463.

CHILDREN AGES 3 TO 5 who are experiencing physical, sensory, emotional,
communication, cognitive and/or social difficulties may be eligible for special education and
related services through their local school district. Parents should contact the Metuchen
Public School’s Department of Special Services at 732-321-8700, x1006 for more

they should feel free to discuss such issues with their child’s teacher and/or principal.
Parents have the option of making a referral to the Interventions and Referral Services
Team, (I&RS). The I&RS team offers intervention procedures that are provided within the
regular education school program. At times, more extensive interventions are necessary to
assist the student. If the decision to undertake a full Child Study Team evaluation is
warranted, the child’s social, emotional and academic status may be assessed. Medical or
other specialized evaluations may also be included at no cost to the parent. If a child is
determined to be eligible for special education and related services, an IEP or Individualized
Education Plan will be developed. The IEP will include a rationale for the student’s
educational placement and the basis for the program implementation.