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"Learning in a caring community"


49 Brunswick Ave
Metuchen, NJ 08840
Telephone: 732-321-8770                                           

  • option 1 - Report a Student Absence 
  • option 2 - School Nurse
  • option 3 - Guidance Dept.
  • option 4 - Child Study Team
  • option 5 - Main Office
  • option 6 - Maintenance
  • option 7 - Principal's Office
  • option 8 - Dial by Name directory

 Fax: 732-452-0571  

Edgar Middle School has proudly been part of the Metuchen Education system since 1917.  Currently, the school has four grade levels, 5th thru 8th. 
A majority of the current facility was constructed and re-dedicated September, 2000. Some of the origial stone work from the first Edgar School was used on the new front facade and the entrances to the gym.  The school has three science labs, a computer lab, a technology lab, an industrial arts shop, an art room, a full gymnasium, nurse's suite, media center, numerous classrooms and office suites.  Additionally there is an all purpose room, a football field and a woodland area.  

Contact Info


Principal   Mr. Kevin McPeek    732-321- 8770
Assistant Principal    Mr. B. Stike    732-321-8770  
School Secretary    Mrs. T. Zeng    732-321-8770
School Secretary    Mrs. J. Rice    732-321-8770
School Nurse    Mrs. J. Billik    732-321-8770  
School Counselor   Mrs. L. Chango   732-321-8770
School Counselor   Ms. Lauren Campbell   732-321-8770
Guidance Secretary    Mrs. A. Rackley    732-321-8770

The Zone Coordinators


Mr. T. Gural
Ms. R. Misuraca
Mrs. A. Rescorl



  The Zone