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5&6 Activity Nights Behavior Expectations

(Thu Oct, 4 2007)



Behavioral Expectations


1.    Activity Nights are for Edgar Middle School students only.  Guests from other schools are not permitted to these events.


2.    All students must be present in school on the day of the Activity Night in order to attend this event.


3.    No student on Academic Probation may attend Activity Nights.


4.    Students may be denied participation in Activity Nights as a result of behavioral problems in school.


5.    All school rules are in effect at the Activity Night.


6.    Dress code rules apply to Activity Nights.  This includes the “no hat” rule.


7.    Students are expected to enter at the lobby Entrance.  Once a student is admitted to the Activity Night, they are expected to remain until the event is over.  If a student needs to leave early, a parent/guardian must check the student out with an administrator or advisor.


8.    Cell phones are permitted in the lobby area only! Students must have permission from an administrator or chaperone to use a cell phone. 


9.    Do not bring valuables to these events.  You are responsible for anything that you bring to the Activity Night.