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(Thu Aug 22, 2019)

Academic Information

  In this section of the website you can find information on the school's teachers, administrative staff, supervisors, course offering, and our library. To locate a teacher's individual website just go to the staff listing and click on the teacher's name. 

 Teachers and Educational Specialists  Link to websites and e-mail addresses for Edgar Middle School Teachers and Support Staff.  
 School Administrators  Meet our Principal and Assistant Principal.  
 Supervisors and District Administration  A link to our district website with detailed information about department supervisors and other members of the district administrative team.  
 School Nurse  Mrs. J. Billik 732-321-8772  
 School Secretaries 
Main Office:732-321-8770
Fax: 732-452-0571  
 Courses of Study  An overview of all course work at Edgar Middle School.  
 Homework Guidelines  Collaboratively produced by the District Homework Committee.  
 Placement Criteria  Criteria for placement in academic classes.  
 Our Library  Info about EMS's media center.